About me

My love affair with wine begun quite a long time ago with an introductory tasting course and since then my passion has never stopped to grow.

In early 2007 I finished my wine course and became a professional Italian Sommelier. I then moved to London and started my wine career working in  venues such as Angelus Restaurant, Skylon Restaurant and Vinopolis. 

During those years, London gave me the chance to work with extensive wine lists, to attend wine tastings, to develop my palate and to improve my wine knowledge especially on New World wines.

After a few years in hospitality I started working for an awarded wine merchant organizing events, tastings, wine fairs and trips, while doing some freelance writing for travel magazines and writing this blog in my spare time. In 2014 I have decided to move to France where I am now focusing on my writing activities; taking care of wine newsletters, working on wine lists, blogging for various websites and trying to save some time for my wine tourism project.

I am passionate about wine and anything that expresses the terroir, the traditions and uniqueness of a particular wine area: indigenous grapes, small producers and their wines, result of hard work in the vineyards and characteristic of the territory. Of course I am a sucker for Italian wines but I am interested in anything that is local, wherever local is. And I love to share this passion.

Hope you will enjoy my wine raids.


If you have ay questions or just want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at winehippie@gmail.com.
If you are interested in my travel adventures have a look at my travel blog: http://travelaroundtheclock.blogspot.co.uk/